Buyers typically have two considerations when they start looking for a home; a place that perfectly
meets their needs and desires and stay within or under budget. To get your dream home, here are some
tips on how to negotiate price before even submitting an offer.

Know what you want!
Home buyers should have a good idea of their needs and wants before they go home shopping. The goal
is to find one home that meets both your wants and needs, but it doesn’t always happen. When you are
shopping for a place to live, there are actually two homes competing for your attention; the one that
meets your needs and the other that meets your desires. In this case, you have to decide which is more
important. Far too often people buy a home for the wrong reasons and then regret their decision when
it doesn’t meet their needs.

Satisfy Your Needs
Why spend all this time and money on a house that doesn’t fulfill your needs? If you’re lucky you’ll find a
home that also fulfills your desires, but the important thing is to understand the difference. The
excitement of house hunting can take over us all, but taking care of your house needs should be put
above the unnecessary wants.

Does Your Agent Offer a “House Hunting” Service?

A “Buyer Profile System” or “House Hunting” service can make finding the right property quick and
painless. This program will cross-match all available homes on the market and supply you with
continuous information. Programs like these can help buyers be realistic and affordably move into their
new home!

To help you develop your buying-strategy try listing 5 things you absolutely need in your next home and
5 things you would love in your next home! Ready to start your home hunt? Fill out your information on the right of this page.