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Manotick is a vibrant community located in the rural south part of the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Established in the 1830s and founded by Moss Kent Dickinson in 1864, the village is nestled on the banks of the Rideau River and is a mere 25 km away from downtown Ottawa. Manotick, an Algonquin word meaning 'island', is reflective of the picturesque surroundings of this community.

Manotick's rich history dates back to the mid-19th century when Dickinson and his partner, Joseph Currier, obtained the water rights to the river, built the mill and complex, and established the village. The town's location was of strategic importance and for many years, Manotick Main Street was the original Highway 16, serving as the main route from Ottawa to Prescott. With the advent of improved road transportation and the expanding Ottawa-Carleton metropolitan population, Manotick witnessed significant growth in the 1950s.

The heart of Manotick's community is the historic Watson's Mill, a working grist mill on the banks of the Rideau Waterway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other notable attractions include A.Y. Jackson Park, Dickinson Square, and a variety of parks, recreation areas, and trails that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. Residents and visitors alike can take part in a range of recreational activities, from tennis, soccer, and softball at Centennial Park to cycling tours around the Manotick area.

The local museums preserve the village's history, and community events such as the "Fiddles on the Rideau Festival" and "Shakespeare in the Park" bring residents together and add to the village's vibrant culture. The Manotick Public Library is a valuable resource to the community, offering a range of services and hosting a variety of programs throughout the year.

Manotick boasts a variety of professional services and amenities. From boutique shopping and diverse dining options to healthcare facilities and a plethora of businesses, residents can access nearly all the services they need within the village. The Manotick Directory and the Manotick Village website are comprehensive resources for residents and visitors, providing a wealth of information about local businesses, events, community organizations, and recreational opportunities.

The Manotick community is home to a diverse group of clubs and organizations. These include the Kiwanis Club of Manotick, Manotick Amateur Radio Group, Manotick Art Association, and many more, offering plenty of opportunities for residents to engage with their community and pursue their interests. Sports enthusiasts can join local clubs ranging from soccer and hockey to equestrian activities, all contributing to the active and vibrant spirit of the community.

Manotick is a unique blend of the old and the new, where historic charm meets modern convenience. Its sense of community, rich heritage, natural beauty, and proximity to Ottawa make it a wonderful place to live, work, and visit.

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