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Shakeela Noor Saleh

Sales Representative
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Meet Shakeela!

With her friendly and caring nature, Shakeela is a true people person who has gained extensive experience in various customer service roles throughout her career. Her exceptional interpersonal skills and genuine passion for connecting with clients make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Shakeela plays a pivotal role as the first point of contact for new clients at MetroCity Property Group. Her primary focus is to establish a deep understanding of their needs and preferences. By taking the time to get to know each client personally, Shakeela ensures a personalized and tailored experience for them. Her empathetic nature allows her to genuinely connect with clients, building trust and rapport from the very beginning.

Beyond her role in connecting with clients, Shakeela has made the decision to obtain her real estate license and work as an agent as well. This demonstrates her commitment to expanding her skills and knowledge within the industry. By becoming a licensed agent, Shakeela will be able to provide comprehensive support and guidance to clients throughout their real estate journey, from initial consultation to the final transaction.

Shakeela's unique ability to match clients with their ideal real estate agent is a testament to her exceptional matchmaking skills. By considering clients' specific needs, preferences, and personalities, she ensures a perfect fit between clients and agents, creating a strong foundation for a successful partnership.